Help tools for Learning Management Systems

The help dilemma

Although Canvas LMS has extensive help documentation, it can be difficult to find an answer to a specific problem while navigating a labyrinth of options.

Most pages throughout the Canvas LMS have only a single help button located on the left sidebar, whereby finding a relevant help document may take six or seven clicks, which is not only time-consuming, but can also lead to an aversion to using the help system.

Universities invest a huge amount of resources to train teachers how to use their LMS properly. For an organisation to maximise its core systems, it needs to continually train staff with best practises and latest updates. An efficient self-help system is the most effective and economical way of doing this.

The help solution

In order to encourage Canvas LMS users to take advantage of the official help documentation, Prolaunch has designed a light-weight Cloud solution called proHelp that inserts help markers throughout the LMS interface.

When a proHelp marker is clicked, a pop-up box appears that contains a question, or questions, that are hyperlinked to relevant help pages of the LMS. The markers typically appear top right on most LMS pages, and in locations where help is determined to be most needed.

Behind the scenes, proHelp periodically collects and collates data from LMS documentation source code and matches most accessed help pages with relevant locations throughout the LMS.

proHelp is aimed at improving the efficient use of the LMS among educators and students, reinforcing best practices and promoting self-sufficiency.

proHelp Canvas is now available as a beta release for Canvas and is free to use. This service is seamlessly delivered to the Canvas LMS via AWS Cloudfront.

proHelp Canvas Pro is due for release early 2019, delivering extra markers for teachers, students, and admins.

Additional tools will be available to insert html blocks into the LMS, hide entire blocks or individual elements, and find & replace any text or element.

Prolaunch is now offering consultation services on LMS/LTI development & deployment strategies.

Prolaunch is an eLearning and digital transformation solutions company specialising in Learning Management Systems & Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) development and implementation.

We build custom LTI applications and offer consultation services.

With a deep understanding of the education market from our years of experience working in universities operating and testing LTIs in various learning environments, we have created a roadmap for developing compliant enterprise-class applications.

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